Alex Munroe, MSW, RSW, CBT, RP

Alex Munroe MSW, RSW, CBT, RP is in private practice in Waterloo, Ontario Canada. He is Coordinating trainer for the Southern Ontario Society for Bioenergetic Analysis, an accredited society of the International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis (IIBA), is Chair of the IIBA Faculty Committee, and chaired the Scientific Committee for the IIBA 2011 Conference "Integrating Brain, Mind and Body: Clinical and Therapeutic Implications of Neuroscience" where he was also a presenter on the Bioenergetic Approach to Anger and a Keynote speaker. He is a past member of the IIBA Board of Trustees and is co-chair of their Bylaws and Restructuring Committee. He has been involved with Bioenergetic Analysis since 1981.

Alex works with individuals, couples and families on relationship issues, stress, depression and addiction issues and has a particular interest in what makes supervision effective. He has presented workshops in Canada and internationally. He teaches at Wilfrid Laurier University and coauthored, with his wife Anne, "Health: the Basics, Canadian Edition".