Body-Soul Work - dreams, archetypes and body-soul connection


Evening - This evening's introduction into the origins of BodySoul Rhythms®, a quarter of a century after its inception, will provide participants with an opportunity to learn about and share the experience of “subtle body” in their own life. What does the body as “that portion of Soul discerned by the five senses” mean to you now, how does “Body Awareness” appear in your dreams, and what are your preferred ways of nurturing and expressing your personal body-soul hunger? How do you encounter and befriend “shadow” elements? Participants will be invited to pay special attention to their dreams during the night, and bring with them a dream, a symbol or an image for the daylong workshop.

One day - The Dance of Three: This will involve an experiential and interactive exploration of our role as “dancer” (conscious body), “mirror” (inner/outer reflection) and “container” (conscious witness) – three crucial aspects of psychological transformation and integration on the therapeutic journey. Small group work and inner-directed movement will be followed by expressive art making, writing, personal process and group processing. Participants are encouraged to work with a dream, a personal symbol and/or a meaningful image (such as a favorite line from a poem, or something from the material discussed on the Friday evening).

Fri, Jan 19, 7 - 9pm & Sat, Jan 20, 10am - 5:30pm

Location: Living Institute  208 Carlton St (downtown Toronto)  Cost: $125

Faculty: Ursula Carsen

Registration:  416 515 0404