Carmen Littlejohn, MClin and Somatic Psych, MSpiritual Psych

Carmen Littlejohn is a Psychotherapist with a Master’s degree in Clinical and Somatic Psychology and a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology. She’s a certified member of the Canadian Counseling and Psychotherapy Association (CCC). Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Physical Therapy, she worked for many years in the field of physical fitness, injury rehabilitation and neuromuscular therapy. She weaves together an extensive knowledge of neurobiology, psychology and spirituality to help her clients heal the connections between the body, mind and spirit. She specializes in somatic (body-centered) psychology and mindfulness helping to release trauma from the body and transform negative belief patterns. Certified in EMDR, spiritual transformational therapy and trauma resolution work, Carmen helps her clients move through the past and live more fully in the present.