Catherine Marrion MA, Expressive Arts (2011)

Catherine Marrion is an Expressive Arts Therapist in private practice. Following her training from the International School of Interdisciplinary Studies (ISIS) Canada, now Create Institute, she undertook a Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy through the European Graduate School (graduated 2019) and is pursuing certification through CRPO.  Embodiment through all the art forms is a strong value in Catherine's work, which is well supported by her background in Somatic Movement Therapy and through extensive theatre experience. Catherine is an experienced actor and coach, holds a MFA in Performance from York University and, for more than two decades, she was a faculty member in Humber’s Theatre Performance Program teaching Voice and Movement.  She is comfortably multi-modal and enjoys a personal visual arts practice, playing piano and playing with her grandson among other joys. Catherine enjoys working one-to-one as an Expressive Arts Therapist, and also loves the adventure of workshops and other collaborations.  She led a Theatre-oriented Expressive Arts Workshop series in July 2015, and looks forward to facilitating more Expressive Arts groups and workshops.   Catherine taught an Expressive Arts unit for the Community and Youth Worker Program at Humber College and has led EXA workshops for faculty, also at the College. Catherine is on the Board of ISIS Canada.