Constantin von Flotow

Constantin von Flotow (Hon. BA , Philosophy/English Literature, 1994) is a wilderness and personal empowerment guide and instructor with over twenty years of experience, including over 10,000 hours of field time, throughout the Americas and Europe, focused on water based expeditions. He holds certifications in wilderness first aid, white water rescue, rope rescue and mountaineering systems. He has extensive experience with youth and youth at risk, in addition to working with adult professionals. His experience ranges from leading white water rafting, sea kayaking and horseback expeditions, to Captain of the “James Baird” Antartica recreation of the Ernest Shackleton Endeavour expedition and lifeboat voyage, and includes staffing and guiding over 30 wilderness/experiential learning programs for youth, as well as managing and training staff members for leadership roles. Currently he works with the Pine River Institute in Algonquin park as a wilderness "Therapist" for youth at risk, facilitating their wilderness experience and emotional transition.