Crystal Hawk, MEd

Energy Psychology studies the effects of bioenergy systems on emotions and behavior. It is the position of Energy Psychology that while psychological functioning in general as well as psychological disturbances entail hormonal, neurochemical, cognitive and situational aspects, at a fundamental level bioenergetic substrates significantly account for behavior. Energy psychology appears to be applicable to a wide area of study including psychopathology, therapy, learning, sports and peak performance. 

Twenty-five years ago Dr. Roger Callahan developed the groundwork with Thought Field Therapy (TFT). This offered a powerful, simple and practical application of subtle energy to relieve people of fears, phobias, addictions and obsessions by tapping in particular order on various body meridians .  Many of his original students have both simplified and improved it’s effectiveness.  Gary Craig is one of those leading lights and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is the technique he developed. 

Craig’s  basic theory is that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system. After years of experiencing how Emotional Freedom Techniques eradicated fears, phobias, stuck emotions, compulsions, and addictions it began to offer clear and immediate evidence that by directly engaging the energetic elements of our mind/body continuum and giving relief to emotional problems, physical problems were often relieved as well. The link was unmistakable, and in full evidence in our offices.  

All good psychological therapy helps people come to some awareness of past difficulties, and with good techniques, therapeutic skill and much time, clients can often overcome these early traumas. The difference is that with energy psychology practitioners can quickly erase the underlying trauma so that physical symptoms supported by those emotions can drop away. At this session participants will be introduced to Emotional Freedom Techniques and experience a demonstration of this work.

Crystal Hawk, MEd, has been using and teaching EFT for the past 18 years and has studied extensively with Gary Craig. In 2010 she co-ordinated a Study offering six free sessions to American Veterans with clinically proven PTSD. The Study showed 86% full recovery and was published in 2011 in a prestigious peer reviewed Journal. Crystal has presented at 5 Energy Psychology Conferences including the European Energy Conference held in Oxford, UK in 2002.