David Lukoff, PhD (Ed)

David Lukoff, PhD, has been involved in transpersonal psychology for over 35 years, serving on the editorial boards of Journal of Humanistic Psychology, Humanistic Psychologist, and Journal of Transpersonal Psychology. He has been co-president of the Association for Transpersonal Psychology since 2002, is a long-time member of Division 32 (Humanistic Psychology) of the American Psychological Association, and was elected a fellow of APA in 2005. He has published articles in JTP, JHP, and over 60 articles and chapters in total, including two in the Textbook of Transpersonal Psychiatry and Psychology, and one in Spiritually-Oriented Psychotherapies. An article he co-authored on religious and spiritual problems published in Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease won the Exemplary Paper award from the Templeton Foundation. He has presented at dozens of conferences, including that of the APA, and lectured internationally. His work in co-authoring the DSM-IV diagnostic category Religious or Spiritual Problem has contributed to the recent opening of the mental health field to serious consideration of spiritual issues in clinical practice. He is now working with a DSM-V Workgroup on Religious and Spiritual Issues. He has been a licensed psychologist for 23 years, was on the faculty of Saybrook Graduate School for 18 years, and is now on faculty at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. He was a part-time psychologist at the San Francisco VA Medical Center for 14 years. He currently teaches graduate courses on transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy, foundations of clinical thought, psychopathology, and case study methods, designing an advanced research methods course