Emily Zarb, RP

Emily Zarb is a Registered Psychotherapist who has been in private practice since 2012. She focuses on the integrative work of Mind, Body and Spirit, employing a Psychodynamic, Somatic, and Transpersonal approach to therapy.

In her therapeutic work with clients, Emily explores the relationship between unresolved emotions, trauma (or soul loss) ... and it’s impact on the brain and nervous system. Emotionally, these unresolved patterns unconsciously emerge and influence not only one's relationship to Self... but also to others. One can feel trapped in unhappy patterns of relating as a result. The impact of these unresolved issues may show up in several key areas of life: romantic relationships, work, friendships, spirituality, health, family, and finances.

Through the positive results of her own healing journey, Emily has also developed a few areas of specialized work with others. For example, she believes that transforming unresolved trauma feelings can have a strong positive impact for clients with chronic health issues. She also works well with people with Empathic sensitivities and Spiritual Emergence, particularly those who are experiencing ‘over-active’ physical symptoms. Another focus in her practice is to assist other healing facilitators who are looking to learn more about managing their own energetic boundaries and Empathic sensitivities.

Emily has discovered that one of the most beautiful results that can emerge from the depth therapy process is the development of a clearer sense of one's own purpose in life. She believes that her job is to help the client become aware of their unconscious 'blocks'... and then to help them work towards transforming the 'hold' that this block has had on them. Once this is accomplished, a clarity regarding life direction often naturally emerges for clients... and organically guides them into their fullest potential.