Emily Zarb, RP

Emily Zarb is a Registered Psychotherapist in private practice. She focuses on the integrative work of Mind, Body and Spirit, employing a Psychodynamic, Somatic and Transpersonal approach to therapy.

In addition to her graduating from the Living Institute program, Emily has had over 12 years of experience working within various Shamanic and spiritual healing traditions in both North and South America. She has also trained in craniosacral work, and in her therapeutic approach with clients explores the relationship between unresolved trauma and its impact on the brain and neuro-immunological system. From the positive results of her own healing journey, Emily believes that transforming unresolved trauma feelings can have a strong positive impact for clients with chronic health issues. Another focus in her practice is in working with people with Empathic sensitivities and Spiritual Emergence, particularly those who are experiencing ‘over-active’ physical or emotional symptoms. She is the author of a paper entitled “Over-Active Empathy & The Relationship to Childhood Trauma”.