Enrolment Information

Entrance RequirementsAdmission Criteria: A bachelor's degree is required. A psychological and spiritual orientation is basic to this program. A concern forcultural and social issues is significant. A background in thearts is useful. Candidates need to be open to experiential learning, committed to their own selfdevelopment process and be ready for challenge. People exploring career change and retraining will findthis program rewarding. Current and past student’s career backgrounds include psychotherapy, business,the arts, psychology, social work, nursing, medicine, teaching, law.Key admissions criteria concern the candidate’s psychological and spiritual orientation, readinessfor challenge and growth, and the ability to engage in an academic and experiential learning process with others.Enrolment Procedure: An interview is required. There is an application form to fill out. This includes abrief outline of work and academic history, therapy, spirituality, personal growth, workshop history, and astatement of interest. A brief biography is asked for according to guidelines given below in this form.Transcripts from educational institutions should be forwarded directly to the Programs Director. Two letters of reference from significant people in the candidate’s life are required. These should comment onhow long the referee has known the candidate, under what circumstances, the candidate’s personalcharacteristics and capacity for application to the task at hand. These are for orientation purposes, and are not determinative of a candidate's suitability. There is an application fee of $130.Admission to the Existential-Integrative Psychotherapy Diploma program is based uponan interview and completion of the application form. Other documentation must becompleted for the record.