Holistic Experiential Process Method (HEP)

The work of The Living Institute is based in the Holistic Experiential Process Method (HEP). HEP is a unique methodology, developed through practice over the past 33 years. It is an existential, psychodynamic, transpersonal and body oriented approach to psychotherapy, personal growth, life coaching and Existential Spiritual Counselling. It is holistic in its focus on body, mind and soul. You will learn how to access your authentic experience and process it emotionally, cognitively and spiritually. This is challenging, yet also profoundly rewarding. You will learn how to reflect on what your experience means, and how your actions stem from it in the world. This is not just talk therapy, but a lively, emotionally evocative process of self discovery, leading to you living a full life that is an expression of your true nature. The HEP healing relationship is not distant and coldly clinical, but a vital relationship with connection, compassion and challenge. HEP will open up a new way of thinking about yourself and about life. It can help you change your life and make a difference in the world around you that is socially and spiritually satisfying.

What's Really Going On?

Many people have created a public self to adapt, but this can get in the way of genuine intimacy and self understanding, preventing you from realizing your full potential in life. The HEP helps you get in touch with what's really going on inside you and then helps you take that out into the world. The beginning focus might be an issue from your everyday life or something you are feeling in the moment. HEP then works to deepen this into an experience of insight, reflection and action. From a felt sense of meaning created through this experiential spiral, a felt sense of purpose emerges. HEP provides a structure of accountability and support to help you then generate the life you want. This may bring about a change in how you treat yourself, a lifestyle change or a change in relationship or career, all in the service of you living the life that is fully yours.

Living a Full Life

If you have tried to get rid of "negative" emotions, only to find yourself repeating the same old patterns, then this method could be for you. How can you discover the joy of being yourself and create the life you want if you are blocking out how you really feel and think about things? Instead of trying to just control the emotions of painful life events, HEP will help you to face them. You can move from an anxious holding against to an alive, spirited dancing with these experiences. This opens up your capacity to feel more of everything and to think clearly. There can also be spiritual bliss in accepting all aspects of who you are. Problems and symptoms can become doorways to self knowledge. They can be indicators as to what your real identity is asking you to envision and act upon. The satisfaction of living the life that belongs to you is priceless.

Established Methods

We use well established methods such as dialogue, focused reflection, emotional expression, breathing techniques, body work, guided visualization, meditation, movement exercises, dramatic enactment and art therapy. Individually selected readings and structured exercises may be suggested for you to do in your own time. These provide context and grounding and help you integrate the session work into your everyday life. Through experience, meaning and action, you will come to understand how you create your life through self-conception in every moment. The life you live then becomes the life you want.