Human Horizons Scholarship Living Institute EIPD Award Application

NOTE: This Scholarship is Currently Unavailable

Thank you for your interest in this scholarship. 

Please complete all sections of the application form.

Please list your activities & accomplishments, noting any related to the field of depth psychotherapy. Include your studies, professional work & cultural activism.
Please list any activities, including volunteer work, in which you participate in the community at large.
If you contribute to your family’s welfare in a significant way, tell us how.
Personal challenges or obstacles that you have dealt with, including financial circumstances, will be considered. Describe any such personal circumstances.
What has led you to want to become a psychotherapist? How might you contribute to the field in the future?
Scholarship Support
Tell us how you would support this Scholarship Program in future years? For example, would you be willing to:
You must supply references from two people that know you: References should speak regarding your potential as a student and practitioner. Please state the names of the two people who will complete these references and your relationship to them. Your referee must not be your psychotherapist. There is a separate reference form.