Human Horizons Scholarship Program

NOTE: This Scholarship is Currently Unavailable.

Thank you for your interest in this scholarship.


Sponsor: Human Horizons Foundation

Founder: Bud Bozyk

Living Institute Existential-Integrative Psychotherapy Diploma Award 2012-13

Contact: Jim McNamara, President, Human Horizons Foundation 416-515-0404

Award: $1000 for 1st year EIPD 2012 - 13

Criteria for Award

A successful candidate:

1. Must be an applicant for the Living Institute Existential-Integrative Psychotherapy Diploma 2012-13, 1st year class.

2. Should demonstrate dedication to the program of study through prior and current activities.

3. Should demonstrate a potential contribution to the field of depth psychotherapy.

4. Should demonstrate a commitment to cultural activism.

5. Should demonstrate financial need

Please note:

1. Personal challenges and obstacles faced by the applicant will be given significant consideration.

2. Contributions to family welfare, work experience and broad based community activities will be considered.

3. The Selection Committee will also consider your willingness to support this Scholarship Program in future years.

In order to receive the scholarship funds:

1. Recipients must be enrolled as a student in the Living Institute Existential-Integrative Psychotherapy Diploma 2012-13, 1st year class

2. The scholarship will be paid to the Living Institute in the Summer of 2012 after the student provides proof of his/her active enrolment by a Letter of Acceptance from the Living Institute.

3. An interview may be required.

Scholarship Committee:

An independent scholarship committee will review applications and decide on award recipient. Interviews, if required, will be conducted by the committee.

Send Completed Application to:

Human Horizons Scholarship Program, Living Institute, 208 Carlton St, Toronto, ON, Canada M5A 2L1