James Burn

James BurnJames Burn, Partner, BrandActive, has a business and branding background and has worked for international and global clients on both sides of the Atlantic for over 20 years. As previous CEO of one of Canada’s top branding consultancies he was responsible for many substantial branding and re-branding projects in North America, and for several years he led his agency’s team as global brand partner for Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. James co-founded BrandActive in 1998 and has for many years played a central role in the evolution of the business, its processes and value delivery for clients. After 20 years of building and running traditional businesses, James agreed with his partners that the central philosophy for their professional engagement going forward together was that the “who” should come first and the “what” second. It was on this central idea that the development of BrandActive as a conscious and transparent organization began. Profit at BrandActive is seen as a by-product of a healthy organization, not as the purpose or priority in and of itself. Profits have grown substantially every year since BrandActive began the transition to a conscious and transparent model.