Jim McNamara, MBBS, ND

Jim McNamaraJim McNamara, ND (OCNM, 1982), Programs Director of The Living Institute. He is President of the Human Horizons Foundation. He has been practicing since 1973 doing individual, couples, group and intensive retreat work. He is currently working as a practitioner of holistic life coaching and existential spiritual counselling. As well as teaching and giving workshops, he provides leadership in the field of cultural activism. His background includes the psychodynamic, gestalt, primal, bioenergetics, Jungian, archetypal, existential and transpersonal traditions, holistic healing and naturopathy, Vajrayana (Tantric) Buddhism, shamanistic work and Western mysticism. He is the founder of the Holistic Experiential Psychotherapy tradition, having trained and certified 12 practitioners since the 1990’s. He was Academic Dean of the Ontario (now Canadian) College of Naturopathic Medicine in the beginning of its 4 year full time program in the early 80’s, designing the first two versions of the curriculum.