Laura Hetherington, RP

Laura Hetherington is a Registered Psychotherapist in private practice in Toronto, Ontario working primarily in the Gestalt methodology. Upon completion of her clinical practicum and thesis, she graduated in 2011. Laura has almost 20 years of business experience in the financial services industry, and another 10+ consulting across industries which has given her a solid understanding of how business works, an ability to see the systems at play in organizations and how corporate life can impact employees. It was through her work facilitating strategy that she saw a need to support leaders and teams to work together more effectively, leading to her study of psychotherapy. She played an active role on the Managing the Process of Regulation Committee which shepherded the Gestalt Institute through the process of regulation, and is now a member of their Professional Practice Committee. She has represented her profession as the Chair of the Registered Psychotherapist Insurance Committee (RPIC), whose mandate it is to have Registered Psychotherapists (RPs) included in employer benefit plans as standard practice. She is also a leader in the psychotherapy profession through her work in bringing together the various therapy associations to speak more convincingly and be heard with ‘One Voice’ to key stakeholders such as the federal and provincial governments, CRPO, the insurance industry and large employers and unions.


Laura Hetherington