Leadership and Cultural Change - The Work of Cultural Evolution

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Friday, April 29 2011, 7:00pm – 9:30pm & Saturday, April 30 2011, 9:30am – 6:30pm
Multi-Faith Centre, University of Toronto
Early Bird Fee $125 before April 1 2011

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Dr Dennis O'Hara, DC, ND, MDiv, PhD; Jim McNamara, ND; Caroline Mardon, BA;
Dr Paul Grof, MD, PhD, FRCP; Mary Pearson, CMC; Harvey Weisfeld; James Burn

Revisioning Ourselves as Responsible Leaders

The Big Picture – Think Globally

The explosive, revolutionary theme of the 20th century has enacted an existential crisis in Western culture’s sense of identity and reality that calls forth the deepest possible potential for spiritual and psychological renewal. The 400 year old Newtonian-Cartesian cloth doesn’t fit science very well anymore, with many scientific breakthroughs heralding the possibility of an emerging new paradigm of interconnectedness. When creative leadership is based on a new understanding of who we are within an interdependent planetary ecosystem, we articulate a new vision for humanity that allows us to live and thrive in ways that are mutually enhancing for us and the rest of the planet.

Here and Now – Act Locally

Learning to tolerate internal conflict and hold multiple perspectives through self awareness is the foundation of a leader’s inner wisdom work as the basis for leadership in the world. This calls for a greater level of consciousness on the part of all individuals, bringing spiritual values in practical ways that support wellbeing and effectiveness. New approaches to business include social enterprises, green business, local living economies, mission and values-driven business, networks, authentic messaging, relationship building and the triple bottom line (people, planet, profits). This all comes down to the practical reality of enacting a conscious approach in the work place - real life, real people, creating an environment where everyone feels responsible and empowered to bring all of themselves to the table.

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