Moira Cane

Moira Canes was born in South Africa and emmigrated to Toronto, Canada in 1977. A graduate of the Gestalt Institute of Toronto, she joined the faculty in 1985 and taught there for 7 years. In 1992 she left to co-found the Transpersonal Therapy Centre, where, in addition to her private practice, she taught psychotherapy and ran experiential, personal growth groups. For many years Moira has been engaged in a Buddhist meditation practice which has become integral to her approach. Her passionate desire to understand human nature and alleviate suffering have led her to indepth studies in Astrology and the Enneagram. Moira co-authored "Peeling the Onion", a textbook on Gestalt theory and methodology, and co-developed an intensive spiritual retreat program for catholic nuns, priests and laity. In 2008, she completed a training in Family Constellations, a transpersonal approach to family systems therapy developed by Bert Hellinger. Since then she has been facilitating groups using this modality to help individuals and their families heal.