Sally Johnson, BSc, MA(Transpersonal Psych)


Sally Johnson, B.Sc., M.A. (Transp Psych), is a Transpersonal Depth Counsellor and Facilitator working with clients in Grey-Bruce County. She also teaches practitioners how to use art as atherapeutic tool in her Communication Through Art courses. She is currently giving seminars on The Shadow to management teams, workshops on Creating Personal Symbols, and writing about difficult emotions and the human condition. Her background is in Transpersonal Psychology, Holistic Experiential Psychotherapy, Expressive Arts, and Adoption Reunion. She has worked as a therapist since 1990, before which times she was an Artisan/Goldsmith for many years. Her passionate interests are interpersonal communication, the interplay of psychology and art, andhelping people find a balance between their personal and transpersonal life challenges. The central perspective of her work with people can be summed up as this: In order to be of service toothers, we each need to find a true balance between our inner and outer worlds.