Adjunct Faculty

Bobby Lee, BSc (Psych)

Robert M. Lee is a recent graduate of The Living Institute's Existential-Integrative Psychotherapy program. His practice focuses on archetypal and Jungian psychology, meaning-centred therapy, mindfulness training, somatic release, multicultural identity issues and men's work. He also holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and a diploma in recorded music production, and is currently pursuing status as a registered psychotherapist.

Bina Di Livio, RP

Bina Di Livio is a practicing Registered Psychotherapist and co-founder of Following her work as a kinesiologist, Bina spent nearly a decade as a marketer for multimillion-dollar international brands, where she developed a keen ability to connect with people and understand their needs. As is often the case, this study of human behaviour and psychology was important but not her passion. It was Bina’s passion for healing that lead her to become a psychotherapist.

Jim McNamara, MBBS, ND

Jim McNamaraJim McNamara, ND (OCNM, 1982), Programs Director of The Living Institute. He is President of the Human Horizons Foundation. He has been practicing since 1973 doing individual, couples, group and intensive retreat work. He is currently working as a practitioner of holistic life coaching and existential spiritual counselling. As well as teaching and giving workshops, he provides leadership in the field of cultural activism.

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