Many Hearts of Psychotherapy


Fri, April 21, 2017 (6:30-8:30):

Caroline Mardon, Clinical Director, Living Institute of Toronto presenting:


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Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health


Dr Thomas R. Verny, MD

Sunday, April 21, 2013

This workshop will present current research and clinical material on Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health.  PPP, founded by Dr Thomas R. Verny, has re-defined the nature of the human prenate as an aware, communicative, sensitive, and sensible being, re-set the starting time for parenthood from after birth to before conception, and revealed the hidden connections between the quality of conception, pregnancy and birth, and the quality of individual wellness, public health and a compassionate society. 'Womb ecology = world ecology' is a global theme identified by Dr. Verny.

Location: Living Institute, 208 Carlton St, Toronto, M5A 2L1.
Date: Sunday, April 21, 2013; 10 - 1, 2:30 – 5:30
Registration: Jim McNamara, Programs Director. contact | 416 515 0404
Fee: $150

Leadership and Cultural Change - The Work of Cultural Evolution

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Friday, April 29 2011, 7:00pm – 9:30pm & Saturday, April 30 2011, 9:30am – 6:30pm
Multi-Faith Centre, University of Toronto
Early Bird Fee $125 before April 1 2011

Registration: Register online HERE

Or contact Jim McNamara, 416 515 0404


Dr Dennis O'Hara, DC, ND, MDiv, PhD; Jim McNamara, ND; Caroline Mardon, BA;
Dr Paul Grof, MD, PhD, FRCP; Mary Pearson, CMC; Harvey Weisfeld; James Burn

Living Institute Cultural Innovator Award 2010




Alice Klein, editor/CEO and co-founder/owner of NOW Magazine, and Dr Dennis O’Hara, Director of the Elliot Allen Institute for Theology and Ecology, will be the 2010 co-recipient of the Living Institute Cultural Innovator Award. The award recognizes historic cultural contributions to the local and international community by distinguished innovators.

Living Institute Leadership Program Lecture and Award


Date: Friday, June 4 2010
7:00 pm Creative Leadership for the 21st Century
9:00 pm Living Institute Cultural Innovator Award 2010
Location: Hart House Debates Room, University of Toronto
Cost: $25

This event will highlight the need for creative leadership in addressing the global ecological crisis and the evolutionary challenge this brings to Western culture in understanding who we are in an interdependent planetary ecosystem, recognize two leading figures in the field, Dr Dennis O'Hara and Alice Klein, with the Living Institute Cultural Innovator Award.

Spirituality in the Workplace - emerging trends


Work is an important part of one’s life purpose, yet so many people are working in organizations where they don’t feel their efforts have any meaning. The many complex problems in our world today will require a greater level of consciousness on the part of businesses as well as individuals. For these reasons, it’s important to start to look at work and the workplace in a different way.

This lecture will discuss the following:

Wild Craft Living Skills - mindfulness and attitude adjustments


Mindfulness and attitude adjustments toward living in a state of nature is the focus of this introductory workshop for a course on wilderness living skills, including attitudes toward living in nature, materials and clothing, basic shelter building techniques, water acquisition, fire building, food acquisition, navigation and protocols if you are lost, and how not to freeze to death, find water and stay alive!

Body-Soul Work - dreams, archetypes and body-soul connection


Evening - This evening's introduction into the origins of BodySoul Rhythms®, a quarter of a century after its inception, will provide participants with an opportunity to learn about and share the experience of “subtle body” in their own life. What does the body as “that portion of Soul discerned by the five senses” mean to you now, how does “Body Awareness” appear in your dreams, and what are your preferred ways of nurturing and expressing your personal body-soul hunger? How do you encounter and befriend “shadow” elements?

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