20th Century Archetypes


Sunday, Nov 22, 10am - 5:30pm

Panel Discussion: Humanistic Perspectives in the Regulation of Psychotherapy in Ontario


Saturday, August 8 2009
2:00 to 6:30 pm
Westin Harbour Castle Hotel,Toronto

Please download the event flyer or read the papers for more info.

Goddess Mythology and Women's Myths of Self Actualization

Using the mythology of the Goddess from across the ages, Caroline Mardon will show how the re-emergence of the Goddess in the 20th century provides strong new models for women seeking to live a fully realized, authentic life.

Living Institute Cultural Innovator Award 2009

Dr Thomas R. Verny, psychiatrist and Dr Kirk Schneider, psychologist.

The Living Institute Cultural Innovator Award 2008

Date: Friday, July 18 7:00 – 9:15pm
Event: The Human Dimension of Psychotherapy Conference
Location: Hart House Debate Room, University of Toronto
Friday evening fee: $25

Human Dimension of Psychotherapy Conference


July 18 - 20, 2008
Hart House, University of Toronto, Canada

The traditions of humanistic, existential, psychodynamic, transpersonal and somatic psychology have a long history affirming the complex holism of the human experience. These 'alternatives' to manualized, outcome oriented therapies have a substantial academic and professional history, integrating the complex dimensions of being human. How do we bring each individual into full presence? How do we integrate this clinical knowledge into 21st century psychotherapy?

Join us as we rally to affirm the 'gems' of these traditions within the political 'setting' of the new legislation for psychotherapy regulation in Ontario.

Rae Johnson, PhD, RSW, RSMT; David Lukoff, PhD; Dan Merkur; PhD, Linda Page, PhD; Kirk J. Schneider, PhD.

Cosmos and Psyche - Transforming the Modern World

April 18 - 20, 2008
A workshop with Richard Tarnas

We are living at the end of an era. The old structures of the world are cracking apart, the moment of creative chaos is upon us, and the drama of our time has become a great question: What new principles and organizing structures will emerge to shape our future? Everything is at stake, from the deep ecology of our planetary biosphere to the deep ecology of the human spirit.

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