Tanya Chung-Tiam-Fook, PhD, MA

Tanya Chung-Tiam-Fook is a Toronto-based research and education specialist, working as an environmental consultant, psychotherapist intern, lecturer and community educator. She has twenty years of experience teaching, advising and coordinating research, education and local development projects throughout Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and the Netherlands. Tanya embodies a holistic approach in her work that engages ecopsychology, Indigenous and sacred traditions, resilience and transformation, sustainability, expressive arts, social justice, social-ecological systems thinking, place-based knowledge, and storytelling. Her mixed ethno-cultural lineages and diverse personal and international experiences enable her to bring a unique intercultural and transpersonal perspective to her work. Tanya is passionate about exploring the multifaceted relationships between people and the natural environment – in particular, how our deeply felt connection to the natural world is essential to human wellbeing and transformation. She has worked to foster such embodied consciousness within students, youth and community groups through projects and pedagogy that develop their sense of resonance, compassion, agency and stewardship as members of the Earth community. Tanya holds a PhD in Environmental Studies, an MA in International Development Studies and is doing a clinical internship in psychotherapy through the Living Institute. She is also furthering her psychotherapy training in: play therapy (Play Therapy Canada/International), children’s mental health (SickKids Centre for Community Mental Health), and complex trauma (EMDR International Association).