Core Faculty

Sally Johnson

Sally Johnson, B.Sc., M.A. (Transp Psych), is a Transpersonal Depth Psychotherapist, Counsellor, and Facilitator working with clients in Grey-Bruce County. She also teaches practitioners how to use art as a therapeutic tool in her Communication Through Art courses. She is currently giving seminars on The Shadow to management teams, workshops on Creating Personal Symbols, and writing about difficult emotions and the human condition. Her background is in Transpersonal Psychology, Holistic Experiential Psychotherapy, Expressive Arts, and Adoption Reunion.

Linsay Cornfield

Linsay Cornfield, Cert., Ad. Ed. And Counselling, began her career as an actor, writer and co- director of a social action theatre company throughout the 70s and 80s, including working for Dr. Jean Houston. She has designed and delivered numerous workshops on creativity, body image, visioning new careers, life transitions, sexuality, body/mind awareness, improvisation, ritual and clowning.

David Cornfield

David Cornfield is a certified HEP practitioner. David’s parents dreamed he would become a lawyer. At 17 David rebelled, choosing engineering instead of law. Two years of applied science taught him that engineering was not his thing. Time for Plan B. Called to the Bar in 1968, his ten year law career was directed to making the world a better place, first as a policy planner with the Department of Justice, and later as a staff lawyer in community legal services. In 1979 he decided it would more effective and more satisfying to change the world by helping people change.

Jim McNamara

Jim McNamaraJim McNamara, ND (OCNM, 1982), Programs Director of The Living Institute. He is President of the Human Horizons Foundation. He has been practicing since 1973 doing individual, couples, group and intensive retreat work. He is currently working as a practitioner of holistic life coaching and existential spiritual counselling. As well as teaching and giving workshops, he provides leadership in the field of cultural activism.

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