Adjunct Faculty

Bina Di Livio

Bina Di Livio is a practicing Registered Psychotherapist and co-founder of Following her work as a kinesiologist, Bina spent nearly a decade as a marketer for multimillion-dollar international brands, where she developed a keen ability to connect with people and understand their needs. As is often the case, this study of human behaviour and psychology was important but not her passion. It was Bina’s passion for healing that lead her to become a psychotherapist.

Tami Rankin

Tami Rankin

B.A., M.Ed., PhD

Liam Skinner

Liam Skinner is and intern therapist in the LI student clinic and currently in the process of Grand-parenting with the CRPO as a RP. He has a background in Social Work and VAW (violence against women) advocacy and feminist counselling.

Mike Hynes

Mike Hynes is an RP  (Registered Psychotherapist). He has a BSc in Psychology from University of Toronto and a  Diploma in Psychotherapy andEmotional Bodywork from the institute for Psychotherapy and Emotional Bodywork.

Mike began work in psychotherapy in 1997 and moved to full time practice in 2008. His work is based on psychodynamic methods informed by somatic and neuroscience theory. 

David Lukoff

David Lukoff, PhD, has been involved in transpersonal psychology for over 35 years, serving on the editorial boards of Journal of Humanistic Psychology, Humanistic Psychologist, and Journal of Transpersonal Psychology. He has been co-president of the Association for Transpersonal Psychology since 2002, is a long-time member of Division 32 (Humanistic Psychology) of the American Psychological Association, and was elected a fellow of APA in 2005.

Dianne Wright

Dianne Wright is an Intern Psychotherapist in private practice, currently completing her clinical internship through the Living Institute.

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