Adjunct Faculty

Moira Cane

Moira Canes was born in South Africa and emmigrated to Toronto, Canada in 1977. A graduate of the Gestalt Institute of Toronto, she joined the faculty in 1985 and taught there for 7 years. In 1992 she left to co-found the Transpersonal Therapy Centre, where, in addition to her private practice, she taught psychotherapy and ran experiential, personal growth groups. For many years Moira has been engaged in a Buddhist meditation practice which has become integral to her approach.

Kusum Dole

Kusum Dole is a Registered Psychotherapist practicing in Toronto. She is a member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. She graduated from the Centre for Training in Psychotherapy in 2014. She employs psychodynamic, dialectical behaviour, mindfulness and body awareness approaches to help adults work through trauma and develop their True Self. Prior to studying psychotherapy, Kusum worked in health promotion, community. She has also completed a BSc in nutrition and MHSc in community nutrition at the University of Toronto.

Alex Lamoureux

Alexandra Lamoureux has a background in social work and has held various roles in community and provincial mental health and addiction settings. Her work primarily focuses on the promotion of equity, diversity and voices of lived experience within the mental health system. She recently worked as Coordinator of Health Equity, leading organizational change practices around equity, diversity and recovery in a large community mental health organization, and is now in a similar role with a provincial scope at CAMH’s Provincial System Support Program.

Catherine Marrion

Catherine Marrion is an Expressive Arts Therapist in private practice. Following her training from the International School of Interdisciplinary Studies (ISIS) Canada, she undertook a Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy through the European Graduate School (in process) and is pursuing certification through CRPO.  Embodiment through all the art forms is a strong value in Catherine's work, which is well supported by her background in Somatic Movement Therapy and through extensive theatre experience.

Avi Zer-Aviv

Avi Zer-Aviv RP is a practicing Registered Psychotherapist in Toronto, with a life-long curiosity about the mystery of life and human relationships. With an early background in Eastern medicine, including spending a year living and studying in Asia, Avi’s life work has been to blend the best of East and West. This has included an extensive and ongoing engagement with world culture, poetry and mythology, the expressive arts, and ‘being with’ experience. Drawn to be of service, Avi has worked as a frontline community worker and manager in the social services field for over a decade.

Jay Wilson

Jay Wilson B.Sc., M.Sc., leads a private health navigation, education and advocacy group called which works mostly with clients that have complex medical diagnoses and need help both understanding the condition and wading through the clinical channels they are faced with. He attended U.B.C. for honours undergraduate studies in Biology with a specialization in genetics, then completed a research M.Sc. in Human Genetics at U.C.L.A, specializing in molecular paediatric endocrinology.

Emily Zarb

Emily Zarb is a Registered Psychotherapist in private practice. She focuses on the integrative work of Mind, Body and Spirit, employing a Psychodynamic, Somatic and Transpersonal approach to therapy.

Norma Araiza

A performer/choreographer/instructor of Yoeme (Yaqui) descent originally from Mexico, Norma has studied different disciplines within the arts in order to find her own unique style that blends dance, theatre, vocals, percussion, and storytelling with cultural and traditional themes especially from her Indigenous background. She uses these modalities in her Expressive Arts Therapy practice. Norma has completed her Master's Degree in Dance Ethnology at York University, and graduated from the Expressive Arts Therapy Program at The CREATE Institute  in 2006.

Jesse Hanson

Jesse Hanson holds a Master’s degree in clinical psychology and is a doctoral candidate for clinical psychology. He specializes in neuroscience, somatic (body-centered) psychology and holistic healing. Trained in EMDR and other forms of somatic therapies, Jesse helps clients release held trauma and negative emotions from the body and inspires them to create themselves anew.

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