Wild Craft Living Skills - mindfulness and attitude adjustments


Mindfulness and attitude adjustments toward living in a state of nature is the focus of this introductory workshop for a course on wilderness living skills, including attitudes toward living in nature, materials and clothing, basic shelter building techniques, water acquisition, fire building, food acquisition, navigation and protocols if you are lost, and how not to freeze to death, find water and stay alive!

This workshop is a stand alone event and can also be an introduction to the Living Institute Wilderness Program for those interested. The LIWP is designing various lectures, workshops and courses with a focus to educate and integrate wilderness experience, knowledge and practices into daily life. The purpose behind the LIWP is to reconnect people with the natural environment by teaching traditional and native wilderness living skills, including green living practices, ecopsychology and ecospirituality, permaculture, regenerative design. The LIWP will include Toronto based lectures and workshops, workshops within 1-2 hrs of Toronto, and destination based workshops that would be more remote. Read More.

The location of this Jan 30 workshop is Claireville Conservation Area (427 & Finch). Starting time is 9am continuing throughout the day. Outdoor clothing required.

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Faculty: Constantin von Flotow

Registration: jim@livinginstitute.org or 416 515 0404 to register and receive instructions.